If your fine has not been sent to collections it is possible to pay you fine in person at the Court window. The entire fine may be paid in person Monday-Friday 8am- 5pm using a credit card, cashiers check, or money order. If you are paying by credit card a 4% convenience fee will be added.
If a fine has not been paid by the due date it is possible the account has been forwarded to a debt collecter and your drivers license may have a hold through Omni.
This means a private debt collector will attempt to collect the debt and 30% will be added to the amount due.
An Omni hold will prevent you from renewing your drivers license. Once the citation is paid along with all the fees the hold on your license will be lifted and you will be able to renew your drivers license.
After a citation is forwarded to the collection department all payments must be made through collections.
The collection agency this court uses is,
McCreary, Veselka, Bragg & Allen, P.C.
Attorneys at law
If your citation is NOT in collections and you want to pay with a credit or debit card you will need the following information.

ALL credit and debit cards are processed by CERTIFIED PAYMENTS.  Please not that a 4% convience fee will be added to your payment.

                                                               You can call and pay over the phone or visit their website www.certifiedpayments.net
you will need the following information:

Bureau code - This is a code used to identify this court
  If you contact collections by phone use code 2430785.
  If you contact collections by the website use code 5943018.
Docket Number - If you do not know your docket number please contact the court
Amount due

To request an extension to pay your fine
You may request an extension to pay your fine. This request must be submitted in writing and can be mailed, emailed, faxed, or delivered in person.
If granted you will have 31 days to pay your fine. A one time $25 late payment fee will be added to your amount due. If needed you may request up tp 2-31 day extensions.
You must complete the entire form. DO NOT FORGET to check your Plea.
All information on the form is necessary to complete your request.
Incomplete forms will not be accepted and will be returned.
The request for an extension to pay your fine is located here.